Wednesday, January 31, 2018

On vulnerability and tarot

As part of the Tarot Rebels Blog Hop,  our topic we had decided on was vulnerability and tarot.
What kind of prompted this was a large group of this was dealing with shadow work, or work of readings that deal with facing the inner parts of ourselves we might deny, or problems we kind of ignore and don't deal with. 

In my experience, there are a few basic situations of people getting readings of any kind, tarot or any other method.

The first type of person is someone just randomly curious, never had a reading, and want the experience just as an experience, or for fun. 

The second type of person is someone who has a practical day to day problem, and of course the top few are relationships, work and career, and money types of questions. 

But then you also have also clients or seekers that really want to work more with spiritual growth as well. 

Occasionally a client or seeker will ask if it is "ok" if their friend sits with them. My answer to this always is it is fine with me, it doesn't affect me, but I want you to really think about that I will read what comes up in the reading, so there is no telling what might be exposed that your friend will see and hear as well, so be sure you are fine with that , and your relationship with the friend is pretty solid. 

Sometimes people are resistant to get readings for - wait for it - they feel vulnerable. They don't want to feel exposed. They may not be ready to face or deal with issues, or let alone let a stranger reveal something to them.

In all cases though, vulnerability is sometimes necessary to expose or reveal issues before helping, or healing can begin. Clarity requires exposing, and exposing deals with vulnerability. 

I personally promise to keep your information as confidential as possible, and I strive to be empathic to relate to your emotions, as well as to be non judgmental about any question.
All questions are important and all matter. 

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  1. Vulnerability -> Exposing -> Clarity. Great post, Robert.